A Taste of Life at Our Communities

Our residents and their sons and daughters speak.

“The ‘what ifs’ of seniors living alone are forever a concern. The constant worry about household emergencies or personal health emergencies is always in the back of our minds and in the minds of our children. Most of us would rather make the decisions for ourselves while we can than...Read More
- Margaret Hare

Dr. Kenneth and Janet Laycock came to Dallas after over 40 years in the Texas Panhandle, where he had been an education administrator and she’d been a teacher. After retiring, they wanted to be near their son and daughter and their families. For three years, they traveled back and forth...Read More
- Dr. Kenneth and Janet Laycock

Debbie Forward was a professional artist and portrait painter, but had seldom picked up a brush in 40 years until she came to Edgemere. Today she's working in acrylics, "painting just about any subject," and exhibiting in art shows as part of Edgemere's thriving cultural community. "Edgemere got me going...Read More
- Debbie Forward

Edgemere gives me a sense of freedom, security, and accommodation. The staff is always available when I need them. I feel at home.
- Dorothy Myers

I didn’t know how I would feel about downsizing and moving from my home. I wanted to live where I could have friends my own age. I knew about Edgemere’s reputation, and I knew I’d feel secure. I’m 100% comfortable. All the residents and staff are so friendly, everyone smiles...Read More

- Mary Anne Luterman

About seven years ago several of our children suggested we look into moving to Edgemere. Even though we felt like we were not ready, it turned out to be among the better suggestions we had received. From the time we came in for our very first tour, it has been...Read More
- Tom Byrne

My wife Fifi and I have lived at Edgemere for six years. We chose our community because we only wanted to make one move that would allow us to be taken care of for life. We also chose it because it’s nicer than anything we saw. Everyone knows Edgemere. We...Read More
- Rebel Blackwell

My husband had passed away and I was not doing too well with the burden of managing my large home and living alone there. Edgemere helped me become myself again! I love my beautiful apartment and everyone is very friendly. You are made to feel at home right away!
- Mary Hammett

I never imagined I would be so happy anywhere other than my home. It feels too much like a vacation to be true! I love the coastal lifestyle. I love the people. I can sit and talk with them for hours. I love the activities. There’s just so much to...Read More

- Joann Myster

It’s been nothing but pluses. If I want to see friends, or go out to dinner, I just go down the hall. I don’t have to drive. And I don’t have to cook! My oldest daughter is very particular, and she said, ‘Mom, I can’t wait ‘til I’m 62 and...Read More
- Mary and Ivan Pierce

The first draw was the quality of life. We’re in our 70’s and enjoying life. I like the idea that we can lock the door, inform the front desk and just take off. We visited the sister community (Querencia in Austin) and saw people who were happy, excited and eager to...Read More
- Harold & Roma Onwiler

Julia Hall was in eyewear sales before she retired. She will be moving from her 2,400 square foot home to The Barrington. She’s delighted to discover she can still stay active with her church and bridge club, since she is staying close to everything she loves. Julia and her husband...Read More
- Julia Hall

Grant Gibbs was a vice president of a major insurance company. He is moving from a two-level house to a two-bedroom apartment home and is delighted with The Barrington and all it has to offer. He is able to pursue his passions as an artist and writer, and to play...Read More
- Grant Gibbs

Donna Judge worked in the credit department at L.S. Ayres before retiring. She was involved in “any sport my kids were in!” She loves playing bridge, and going to plays and the symphony. At The Barrington, she looks forward to keeping up her very active life. “I selected a first floor,...Read More
- Donna Judge

Ralph and Nancy Lundgren have always led busy lives. He is a retired Vice President of Lilly Endowment, Inc., who oversaw several higher education programs for the state of Indiana. She is a retired teacher. Both were extremely involved in church activities, library foundations, fundraising for the symphony, tutoring in...Read More
- Ralph and Nancy Lundgren

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