How to Guide Your Parents as
They Make Retirement Plans

Don't talk about aging. Talk about living.

To start your parents on the road to a happy retirement, start discussing retirement options with them as soon as possible—no matter where they decide to live. The earlier you start, the more choices they have.

“I wish I'd done this five years ago.”

That’s something we hear again and again from our residents—and an important point if you’re concerned about older parents. The time to begin the conversation is sooner rather than later:

  • While they’re in good health and able to take full advantage of the fun and active lifestyle of our community;
  • While they have time to plan a smooth transition;
  • While they can qualify for the Life Care option, assuring them healthcare services for life, no matter what health issues may arise in the future. That includes guaranteed placement in our Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing or Memory Care residences. (People who come to our communities with an immediate need for these services get the same superb care, but can’t qualify for the full benefits of Life Care.)

A truly carefree retirement begins when your parents can put their worries aside and enjoy life. The worst time to make a decision is when your parents are facing a health crisis. 

“My parents want to stay close to our family.”

Our residents will tell you: They not only find they have lots of time with their families; they gain a new family—their fellow residents and our staff. Every day, they’re surrounded by people who care about them and look out for them. In fact, they feel even more connected to people they love.

That’s especially true during the most difficult times in life: when a parent loses a partner. Friends from the neighborhood and staff rally to provide support—including many who’ve already been through this same experience.

When your parents face a problem, they’re never alone. Even though you can’t be there all the time, their community family is with them every day, encouraging them to share the joys of life.

“My parents want to maintain their independence.”

Our experience proves that, in the right environment, people thrive. SQLC was founded to create the most stimulating, most comfortable, most inspiring environment possible. People who move to our communities become more active, more involved, more invigorated. They have less stress and enjoy more ability to travel, to share good times with new friends—in short, to live well.

Benefit from the experience of families who’ve been in your position:

Hear from families of residents at SQLC communities.

We’re ready and able to guide you.

Making the transition to a senior living community can be an important family decision. That’s always been our belief, and our executive director and staff are prepared to help you plan every aspect, to ensure a smooth and comfortable adjustment to a new way of life.

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