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Future residents often pose these questions, but if you have others, please feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll answer you ASAP.

  • Animated Arrow for QuestionsWhat does the monthly service fee cover?

    The monthly fee covers just about everything:

    • Full interior and exterior maintenance of your apartment home and the beautifully landscaped grounds;
    • Concierge services
    • All community amenities and recreational activities, including:
      • extensive fitness center
      • performing arts center
      • day spa
    • One meal per day per person in a variety of restaurants, plus continental breakfast
    • All utilities with the exception of your phone
    • Weekly housekeeping and laundering of your flat linens
    • On-site security with emergency call systems in each apartment
    • Chauffeured transportation
    • Parking
    • Unlimited use of assisted living and private nursing care, if needed.
  • Animated Arrow for QuestionsWill the monthly fees go up?

    Yes, it is reasonable to expect annual increases in the monthly fee to offset increases in the cost of utilities, staff salaries, and operating expenses. Historically, the average increase is between three to five percent. However, as not-for-profit communities, SQLC properties enjoy special controls to help hold down costs.

  • Animated Arrow for QuestionsWhy should I reserve my retirement home now?

    A 10% deposit lets you explore the possibilities of residency at the best pricing and with the best benefits. There is no risk or obligation, and your deposit-including interest-is fully refundable. By making a reservation, you'll be able to choose from among the floor plans that best suit you and personalize your new home to your unique tastes. You'll enjoy peace of mind, knowing you have a plan in place for the future. You can attend exclusive depositor events, where you'll get to know other future residents who've made this great retirement choice.

  • Animated Arrow for QuestionsHow much does it cost?

    The cost of living is made up of a one-time entry fee that is 90-95% refundable to you or your estate, regardless of how long you live at the community, and a monthly service fee. The entry fee and monthly service fee depend on the floor plan you choose.

  • Animated Arrow for QuestionsWhat is so special about a Life Care community?

    Life Care is like having a “lifetime guarantee”—all the care you might need in the future, and lifetime coverage for the cost of that care. Life Care eliminates time-consuming home-maintenance chores, fear of becoming a burden to family, concerns about aging among strangers, and worries about the availability and cost of quality long-term care. Life Care combines unparalleled financial security and peace of mind, with a truly independent lifestyle and a wide range of services and amenities, in some of the finest neighborhoods in each community we serve.

  • Animated Arrow for QuestionsHow do I reserve an apartment home at an SQLC community?

    By visiting one of our communities and choosing the floor plan and location you prefer. You place 10% of the entry fee as a deposit on the apartment of your choice. You do not pay anything else until you move in.

  • Animated Arrow for QuestionsWhat happens to my investment if I decide to leave?

    Your one-time entry fee is 90-95% refundable to you, should you decide to leave, or to your estate. For details, please talk to our senior living counselors at the community of your choice.

  • Animated Arrow for QuestionsWhat if I decide not to move in?

    You have dual protection: If you have to cancel your reservation due to reasons beyond your control, you would receive your full deposit back. If you simply change your mind, you still receive your deposit, less a $500 processing fee.

  • Animated Arrow for QuestionsDo I have a say in the future of my community?

    Absolutely. Each community has a Residents Council, which advises us on the direction and governance. Our management meets with them regularly to seek their perspectives. We listen carefully to their recommendations and act thoughtfully upon them. As you visit an SQLC community, the executive director and Resident Ambassadors can show you the impact of Resident input all around you.

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